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Brexit: The Uncivil War

bởi ngoc 17/01/2020

Brexit: The Uncivil War

brexit обзор

Mills, who chairs the Vote Leave campaign, tries to have Cummings fired to merge with Leave.EU, however, he instead finds himself getting fired. The U.K. is headed for a new election on Dec. 12, at a time when both its major parties are headed by people who should never be trusted anywhere near Downing Street. What’s брексит история more serious is the likelihood that Prime Minister Boris Johnson may eventually manage to drag a wearied Britain out of the European Union. The victory of Leave resulted from the frustration of workers and the poor with the neoliberal disasters of the preceding years, which found vent in sovereignty and EU migration.

In 2015, a year before the Brexit referendum, the prospect of such fundamental constitutional change in Ireland was not only rarely discussed, it had scant support. A cross-border poll conducted then showed that just 36 percent of people in the Republic of Ireland were in favor of a united Ireland in the short to medium term, and only 30 percent of those polled in the North. Compare those numbers to a recent poll that found 65 percent support in the Republic and 51 percent in the North (although support among Ulster unionists remains minuscule).

Court of Session dismisses bid to stop ‘illegal’ Brexit deal

The term Brexit refers to withdrawal of United Kingdom from the European Union. In 2015, the UK Parliament initiated the legal basis for the Brexit Referendum in accordance with the European Union Referendum Act and election manifesto of the Conservative Party. It was announced by Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron that in case of re-election of Conservative brexit news Party into the government, they will hold a referendum to determine peoples’ perspective on continuation of UK’s EU membership. Hence, after coming into power as a result of 2015 general elections, in the mid of 2016 the government held a referendum widely known as the Brexit referendum in which 51.9% electorate decided in favor of UK leaving EU.

Comment: Long live iPlayer Radio because BBC Sounds is awful

Cummings meets and hires Canadian Zack Massingham, co-founder of AggregateIQ, who offers to build a database using social media tools of voters who are not on the UK electoral register but are inclined to vote to leave. The next sequences show Cummings outlining the core strategy on a whiteboard of narrow disciplined messaging delivered via algorithmic database-driven micro-targeting tools. Cummings rejects an approach by Nigel Farage and Arron Banks of Leave.EU to merge their campaigns, as his data shows Farage is an obstacle to winning an overall majority. To coincide with Black Friday, the charity came up with the concept of an ‘inconvenience store’, a shop called Costuppers, playing on the name of cornershop chain Costcutters. The store sold rebranded products to highlight some of the potential problems that would arise if Britain were to leave on Prime Minister Teresa May’s terms – proposed in a Brexit Draft Withdrawal Agreement, published in mid-November 2018.

Three points are crucial regarding the austerity policies of British governments since 2010. First, the broad framework of austerity policy has explicitly sought to comply with the stipulations of the Maastricht Treaty, even if Britain is not a signatory of the Fiscal Compact. Second, https://birzha.name/chto-takoe-breksit/ sustained austerity for several years has had a devastating impact on health, education, and other welfare provision. Third, the effort to cut public expenditure and reduce public debt occurred while global interest rates were at historically low levels approaching zero.

  • Despite the breezy assertions of the Remain side that the British people have regretted their 2016 vote, there is little evidence that this is substantially true.
  • Moreover, this raises issues of the European Union generally, including the dominance of neoliberalism within it and the question of German hegemony.
  • is headed for a new election on Dec. 12, at a time when both its major parties are headed by people who should never be trusted anywhere near Downing Street.
  • A recent immigration tribunal decision with far-reaching consequences has just found that Northern Irish citizens who hold Irish passports and identify as Irish will have to renounce their “automatic” British citizenship in order to exercise their rights as citizens of the European Union.
  • But British sovereignty has become so entangled in European protocols as to render Brexit difficult if not quite impossible without the cooperation of the European Union itself.
  • However, the growing attachment of the left to Remain and Reform offered no political alternative and led to a search for answers in right-wing populism, including the authoritarian right.

It is not accidental that, when it comes to the Reform part of the slogan, there is a marked paucity of concrete suggestions regarding the putative changes to EU institutions, mechanisms, member state alliances, and so on. For, there is not the slightest chance that a socialist government, even in a powerful country such as Britain, would be able to implement radical institutional and democratic changes within the rigid machinery of the EU. The stance of a socialist government on migration ought to be determined by concrete policies defending immigrants, while also protecting the conditions of domestic workers. A socialist government in the United Kingdom would guarantee the rights of all resident EU nationals, while requesting equivalent rights for British workers in the EU.

How a vote in Ethiopia could test Nobel prize winner

After summarizing the main options for future UK–EU trade relations, Thomas Sampson reviews the purpose of trade agreements. Catherine Barnard considers some of the legal issues which will frame the Brexit negotiations. She examines who can trigger Article brexit 50 in the light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Miller and whether the Article 50 process can be stopped. She also looks at the domestic side of the process of leaving the EU, considering some of the issues raised by the Great Repeal Bill.

At the store you could buy products like ‘Pumped up beef’, hormone-pumped meat from the US, which would be banned by EU food laws. Charity People’s Vote believes the public should have a say in the UK’s Brexit deal. At several points through negotiations the charity has activated innovative campaigns to get the attention of the masses. Even Wales seems fed up.

The worst mistake the Labour Party could make in these circumstances is to throw its weight entirely on the Remain side as that would alienate it from much of its traditional working-class support, while removing the basis for a radical socialist program. From the perspective of the City of London and British big business, May’s deal was acceptable. It freed the country from the rigmarole of negotiating sovereignty within the EU under German ascendancy; it removed the pressure on the British ruling bloc to find a strategy to replace opt-outs; it ensured the continuation of single-market rules for British industry; it gave the City of London a strong chance to ensure its preponderance in Europe; it maintained the Customs Union for the transition period and possibly indefinitely if a new status for Northern Ireland could not be ensured, which is an acceptable cost for British capital.

Comments from the Irish Taoiseach that a new Ireland would require a new constitution reflecting a broader identity are promising. Of course, unionists may simply want none of it, in which case a toxic cycle will continue for another generation, with a growing risk that the delicate брексит история compromises of the Good Friday Agreement will break down and a resurgence of sectarian violence may ensue. But there is reason to hope that at least some on both sides of the Northern divide would be willing to engage. The Irish gift for talk could hardly find a better purpose.

brexit обзор

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